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Empowered Youth Coaching

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I am a certified Health and Life Coach that can help your teen build confidence, become emotional intelligent, and become an independent thinker.  This 90 day program is cognitive behavior based and uses creativity with empathy and practicality that leads to innovative solutions that have a positive impact on their lives.

My program includes:

  • A weekly one-on-one session with me through Zoom.  
  • Mindfulness: It’s about paying attention to what’s happening around you and inside you without judging or getting carried away. It’s like becoming an observer of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, kind of like watching a movie of yourself from a distance.
  • Journaling: We will learn and use thought models as we journal through problems and emotions, helping us to solve our own problems in a way that is best for us at this point in our lives.   

Art Therapies: Promote the use of art, music, dance, and other forms of expressive therapies to help teens cope with stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges.

When I was sixteen years old, my family relocated to Denver, and during that time, I was struggling with suicidal toughts. Despite my inner turmoil, I put on a facade, pretending that everything was okay, and no one around me know how deeply depressed and isolated I felt.  However, in 2021, I began the healing process, learning valuable skills to confront and overcome my childhood trauma, easing the pain I carried within me.

My experience as a Kindergarten teacher for 15 years gave me profound insights into how trauma can profoundly impact us from a very young age. These feelings of trauma often stem from both unintentional and, sadly, intentional situations that were beyond our control. Consequently, we may have developed behaviors and coping mechanisms during those formative years that continue to influence us throughout our lives.

In addition to my work with young children, I also had the privilege of teaching Middle and High School Art from 2019 to 2023.  In January of 2023, I decided to retire, but my passion for education and guiding the youth remains unwavering. I am dedicated to empowering them with problem-solving skills and fostering independent thinking, enabling them to navigate life’s challenges confidently. 

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Empowered Wellness Coaching

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My Empowered Wellness Coaching program offers simple techniques so that you will never have to diet again. It’s about how you feel, not what the scale says. I will help individuals avoid diet traps and achieve sustainable, healthy lifestyles that include…

Weekly one-on-one sessions with me through Zoom.  I have a flexible schedule and will work with you to set up the right time to celebrate your successes, conquer hidden fears and provide new material each week to experiment with to learn what works for you. You will also be invited to be part of our private Facebook Group where I can conduct live sessions and we can support and learn from each other.

Mindful Eating Practices:  I will teach my clients about important mindful eating, which involves being present and attentive while eating.  This includes learning how to savor each bite, recognize hunger and fullness, and eating without distractions.

Balanced Nutrition Education:  I will teach you balanced nutrition, but in a very easy way, emphasizing on a variety of nutrient-dense foods that will give you energy throughout the day.  I will educate you about mindfully choosing portion control, simplifying the food groups, and the benefit of choosing whole, unprocessed foods.

Behavior Change Techniques:  I will help you identify and modify unhealthy eating behaviors and develop positive habits.  This may include addressing emotional eating, stress management, and coping strategies that don’t involve food.

Goal Setting and Accountability:  I can assist clients in setting realistic, achievable wellness goals.  We will celebrate your successes and reinforcing positive behaviors. I want you to feel safe to share your experiences, challenges and triumphs.  You are worthy of feeling your best. You will become your own guru with listening to your body and feel great.

Body Positivity and Self-Compassion:  I will help you foster a supportive environment that promotes body positivity and self-compassion.  You will learn to love and appreciate your bodies while working towards your health goals.  

Education on Emotional Health:  We will discuss the connection between emotional well-being and eating habits.  I will teach you stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and other tools for emotional balance.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve grappled with health issues stemming from feelings of low self-worth and a lack of self-love.  After healing from past traumas, I finally reached a point of safety where I could embark on a journey towards better physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  To my surprise, my Health Coach certification courses offered a wealth of knowledge of achieving wellness through various methods.


These newfound skills enabled me to experience significant improvements in all aspects of my life.  What’s remarkable about this program is its adaptability to fit your unique lifestyle and choices.  You have the power to decide how good you want to feel, and I’m here to empower you in taking charge of your wellness journey.

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Empowered Life Coaching

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My Empowered Through Compassion Life Coaching program meets you where you are at and gives you a safe place to begin the healing process. This program includes:

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with me through Zoom.  I have a flexible schedule and will work with you to set up the right time to celebrate your successes, conquer hidden fears and provide new material each week to experiment with to learn what works for you. You will also be invited to be part of our private Facebook Group where I can conduct live sessions and we can support and learn from each other.
  • A Customized Approach:  This program is tailored to meet your individual needs. I will work closely with you to develop personalized action plans and provide ongoing support to help you achieve your objectives, such as:
    • Improved self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses
    • Enhanced decision-making skills and goal setting abilities.
    • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
    • Better work-life balance and overall well-being.
    • More meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
    • Greater alignment with life purpose and passions.
    • Support in overcoming challenges and obstacles.

This customized approach could focus any of the following:

  • Life Purpose Exploration:  I will guide you through introspective exercises to gain clarity about your values, goals, and long-term vision for fulfilling life.
  • Career Coaching:  I will assist clients in identifying their strengths, interests, and skills to align you with suitable career paths.  I will help you set achievable career goals, develop effective job search strategies, and enhance your professional skills.

Love and Relationship Coaching: I will help you understand your needs, improve communication, and foster healthier connections with others. I focus on self-love through compassion and personal growth as crucial elements building successful and fulfilling relationships.

I am in the process of healing!  During my lowest moments, I encountered a life coach who offered a secure and supportive environment for my recovery.  Through this transformative journey, I discovered newfound strength to embrace my true self and lead the life I’ve always wanted.  My exploration of cognitive behavior therapy, inner child work, and mindfulness enables me to cultivate self-worth and unconditional self-love.  With the guidance of my life coach, I successfully navigated my emotions and overcame lingering obstacles.  Now, I am eager to extend that healing hand to you, equipping you with the necessary tools to progress and uncover your life’s purpose.

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