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Empowerment Through Compassion

Learn How to Live Your Authentic Life

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You Matter!

Saying yes to yourself to learn how to live your authentic life can bring you peace.

Learn how to live your healthiest life, both physically, mentally and emotionally and you’ll start showing up for everyone in your life, including yourself.

There is something incredibly powerful about healing from within.You’ll learn how to see things in a way that give you peace.

You’ll learn why you form your habits and how those habits can be transformed.

You’ll learn how to be your own guru, how to change your thoughts and how to be curious about why things are the way they are and what you can do to work through it.

Learn to transition from the life you’ve lived to the life filled with peace, safety and power.

You are worthy!

Kristi Ferrise

Meet Kristi

Kristi Ferrise was born and raised in the bay area of Northern California. She has lived in Colorado, Virginia, New York and now Marathon, FL.

Kristi had a successful corporate career where she worked for a large private pension company in Denver, Colorado. In 2001, she relocated to Marathon, FL where she worked at the Dolphin Research Center.

Kristi retired from teaching in January 2023.  She taught Kindergarten for 15 years and then Middle School and High School Art for 5 years in Florida.

She loves the warmth, the sun, boating, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and lobstering. Kristi has one cat and one dog.

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Speaking Services

Kristi brings a wealth of experience to the table with a 20-year tenure as a dedicated educator, having taught both Kindergarten and Middle/High School Art.

In addition to her impressive teaching career, Kristi possesses a fervent commitment to empowering individuals in their path to healing from past traumas. Having triumphed over her own ordeals as a childhood sexual assault survivor and later as a widow, Kristi concealed her struggles under a mask of normalcy. Yet, her journey to personal healing ultimately revealed her inner reservoir of resilience and self-worth.

Kristi’s ambition is to lead you through your own transformative journey of triumph coupled with a profound reconnection with your inner child.

Kristi also takes pride in her accomplishment of being a bestselling author. She, along with thirteen other co-authors, penned their transformative experiences in the book titled “You’re Not Crazy…You are Powerful.”

Speaking Topics:

  • Surviving Childhood Trauma
  • Surviving Sexual Trauma
  • Inner Child Work
  • Healing Through Radical Compassion
  • Creating Healthy Habits
  • How to Grieve and Love Yourself

What People Say

What truly sets Kristi's coaching abilities apart is her unwavering commitment to be fully present for her clients through active listening and deep empathy. Her personal experience is a guidepost for each client's journey and her wisdom allows her to quickly reveal the blind spots that need tending for authentic healing. Kristi's practical and effective coaching strategies based in cognitive behavioral science help create lasting results!

Beth Nagle Griffin
Lifestyle Coach and Intuitive Eating Expert Best Selling Co-author of You’re Not Crazy, You’re Powerful!

Kristi's compassionate approach to coaching creates a safe and nurturing space for growth. She listens with empathy, allowing you to feel truly understood and supported. Using cognitive behavior therapy she helps you reshape detrimental thought patterns and navigate challenges. Kristi has an innate skill in inner child work. Through her guidance, deep emotional wounds can be addressed, leading to greater self-awareness and healing. Her holistic approach, combining empathy and effective methods is truly transformative. If you're seeking a life coach who will empower you to create positive, lasting change, Kristi is an excellent choice. Her dedication to fostering growth and well-being is truly inspiring.

Karen Thomas
Animal Communicator/Intuitive Healer Founder, Payton’s Promise Sanctuary

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